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RS232 C libraries for Hi-tech  compilers


Virtual Integrated Design now makes RS232 microcontroller C libraries that are easy to use and take very little resources. All libraries now work with any 14-bit word PIC. The advantages are:

1). Use RS232 on micros with no UART or just add RS232 ports!
2). Use these libraries on any of the following micros:

PIC12C6XX, 12CE6xx
PIC16C6x, PIC16C6xx, PIC16CE62X, PIC16F62X

3). Use any available pin(s) on A0-A5 and B0-B7 for RS232 protocol.
4). The library functions do not use a timer or interrupts (unless you want to use them).
5). Transmit functions take less than 50 bytes and receive functions take less than 70 bytes.
6). Code for each function is only added to program memory once, no matter if the function is called 1 time or multiple times. Only the code for the functions that are called at least once is included in program memory.

Here's how easy it is to include a library in Mplab:

Each library comes with example C files, header files, Mplab project files and a read-me file.

You can use RS232 Hex Com Tool to test the Pic code. Note that for the demo code you must send hex "AA" followed by the number of additional bytes, say 12 "0x0C" and then the additional bytes.
The entire transmit string might look like this "AA0C303132333435363738394041". The response would be "0123456789@A" if transmit was set to HEX and receive was set to ASCII.

Download FREE v1.0 9600 Baud library for PICDEM-1 board

Download FREE v1.0 19200 Baud library for PICDEM-1 board 

Download FREE v1.0 38400 Baud library for PICDEM-1 board 


Free RS232

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